A Contrast in Contour

by Gone By Sunset

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released January 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Gone By Sunset Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Better Late Than Never
I'm just a boy left to his own devices in this empty bedroom
screaming "Let's get out of here.”
But the walls echoed sentiments of all my oldest friends
The words they’ll call back, yeah they’ll crawl back in the end

No one saw this coming
But today has brought what we never thought we’d have to face alone
I can watch a thief’s hands unlike the lips of liars
We both know you would have caught me
but you were busy catching fire

I’ll do my best to fill your shoes (it’s the the same)
What have you got to lose? I promise you’ll never understand
I’m not too sure of the rest
They’re tearing down the walls they never knew they had

I’ll take your two cents with a grain of salt around the rim of my best friend
And every time I see your smile, I know it’s ‘cause there’s hope I could be him
I’m as lost as you (somewhere that I never thought I’d be)
You think you know? Next time try me.

You always took the low road, the path of least resistance.
So I’ll take the latter, leave my knuckles torn and bleeding.

I hope you know, it’s not the same.
Track Name: The Empire State Incident
Standing hand in hand, with my foot in a grave

I'm really jonesing love, it's all I've had to say

Tombstone days, early morning haz

I watched the headlights drive away

New York, please bring her back

New York, come on, she's all I have

I don't know if this way will last

Come on, New York

Please bring her back

A picture's worth a thousand words, you're worth so much more

A lick and a promise, to keep my heart to the floor

With no objection, my self-correction, I'm a skin-tight fit

So codependent

Hold me close, your one and only

Just promise me you'll never let me go (Let me go)

(come closer, let these words wrap around your throat)

New York, please bring her back

New York, come on, she's all I have

I don't know if this way will last

Come on, New York

Please bring her back
Track Name: Avarice
We’re not desperate or asking you for more
I can’t stand this, wasting all this time (just to find out)

I can’t make you stay or send you away
I’m holding your hand. Watching you set sail, just to sink
So quiet, so safe, the worst has already come

Tears soak your sheets every night you say you can’t breathe
The secrets pour like rain, the water floods my basement
I wish you had set me straight and warned me to learn to swim

The tides are changing (you can’t be left alone)
You’ll never win, but we’re still here

You’re taking your time, but you’re wasting mine.
You’ve got to stop running sometime
Track Name: Looking For Yourself (In Everyone Else)
Take a step back: Just think, and let it sink into your skin
I don't think you know where you are or where you've been
I'll take a bet when this ends:
I'll be on top, you'll never win.

They'll love to hear you scream as you sort through all of your own cliches and selfish ways
Stay away from me and watch yourself burn out
It's okay, you're just fine
We all learn to live a lie

Let's take turns at being honest
(The world would stop and stare)
I'm your biggest fear
(I wish I were you)
I can't stand you!
(I still love you)
I still can't stand you. Let's just leave it here.

Golden thoughts and crimson skies outline every inch of your mind
(I'm trying so hard to get this over with)
You're kicking and screaming love, 'cause you saw your own reflection
Enough is enough.
Track Name: A Contrast in Contour
I’m not making excuses (I can’t stop if I didn’t start)
I’ll rearrange my footsteps, one more time before it’s too late

Slow down, close your eyes
I can’t help but wonder why I lied and if I’ll end up the same
I’m not sure what to say, but it’s torture to feel this way

I never said what I never meant
And that’s why I never say anything at all
If you told me how to find a way out
I promise to take this (make this real)

I swear you could have faked this as something so real
So blind, opaque, oblivious. I think at least you owe me this.
You owe me this.

I’m not making excuses, but I can’t stop if I didn’t start.